IPC-PE-740A: Troubleshooting for Printed Board Manufacture and Assembly


IPC-PE-740A: Troubleshooting for Printed Board Manufacture and Assembly

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide guidance in the form of troubleshooting examples, process cause and effect information and statistical methods for correcting problems in all areas relating to the design, manufacture, assembly, and test of printed wiring products. A comprehensive Table of Contents deals with all of the various aspects of the design through delivery cycle. At times there may be duplication in the material presented, however, in many instances the material is cross referenced.



This is the document all process engineers must have! Useful for day-to-day problem solving, it contains case histories of problems and corrective action in the design, manufacture, assembly and testing of printed wiring products. Each section has been updated to reflect today’s manufacturing challenges. Sections address documentation, phototooling, raw materials, mechanical operations, hole preparation, plated-through hole, cleaning procedures, imaging, electroplating, etching, innerlayer fabrication lamination, soldering, metallic protective coatings, non-metallic protective coatings, component preparation and assembly, inspection and test, and rework and repair. This revision features an expanded assembly chapter that includes soldering, cleaning and post soldering process. Also new to this revision are examples of additional processes for troubleshooting. And, as an enhancement, an easy-to-use index has been added to help you find your process problem. 388 pages. Released December 1997.