IPC-T-50M: Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits


This document is designed to provide definitions for terms commonly used in the electronics industry which have meanings specific to electronics. The definitions are intended to provide sufficient clarity of detail such that a reader utilizing English as a second language could understand the subtleties of the meaning. Terms which have a specialized meaning or usage within a single IPC document may be defined differently within that document. Commonly used English language terms which do not change meaning when applied to electronics are not defined here.

Acronyms commonly used in electronics are defined in Appendix A.

Note: Changes made to this revision of the IPC-T-50 are indicated throughout by gray-shading of the term and definition and/or Figure header.



This essential industry standard (IPC-T-50M) provides descriptions and illustrations of electronic interconnect industry terminology to help users and their customers break down language barriers. Revision M contains over 220 new or revised terms, including new terminology for conformal coatings, potting and encapsulation processes, stencil design, statistical process control, and flexible printed board technology. Also includes commonly used industry acronyms.